AKG N200 Wireless

  • Phát triển dựa trên mẫu AKG N20 nổi tiếng
  • Thời lượng pin lên đến 8 giờ
  • Tích hợp cụm remote tiện lợi cho việc điều khiển nhạc và đàm thoại
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  • Bảo hành: 06 tháng

AKG first Bluetooth exclusive canal earphone "N200 WIRELESS" appeared

AKG's first Bluetooth wireless canal earphone "N200 WIRELESS". Compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and enjoy music wirelessly. 
In addition to SBC, Bluetooth codec supports AAC with less time lag in data transmission and apt-X with lower data compression ratio, so wireless playback with high sound quality is possible when connecting with compatible audio devices . You can enjoy comfortably wirelessly while maintaining the high sound quality of AKG.

High performance driver that realizes AKG high quality sound is installed

High performance 8.6 mm diameter dynamic driver realizing AKG sound quality is installed. In addition, by adopting a "ventilation system" that optimizes the back pressure generated when the diaphragm amplitude, it realizes a wide range reproduction that does not feel a sense of size and a spacious space expression.

Up to about 8 hours of wireless music playback, also supports long listening

Wireless playback of up to about 8 hours is possible, so you do not need to charge frequently. You can use it without worrying about running out of charge even for a long time use. 
Also, because it supports convenient quick charge function even when there is no time, music playback of about 1 hour maximum is possible with about 10 minutes of charging. 
※ The playing time varies depending on the usage environment.

Housing design compatible with high sound quality and design

The compact housing uses aluminum alloy with rigid alumite treatment, adopting high durability and stylish and sophisticated design. 
In addition, it is an oval type design that combines a stable fitting feeling, providing a comfortable fit and improved sound quality due to high sound insulation.

Built-in magnet in the earphone section to prevent entanglement

In order to prevent tangling of the cable and to prevent the earphone from falling, a magnet is incorporated in the earphone section. 
When not using earphones, you can fasten the left and right earphones with a magnet in front of the neck, so even when you do not have the earphones, you can move safely while hanging around the neck without getting into a bag. 
Also, because it employs a fabric cable, it is hard to get involved in bags and pouches, you can use it as soon as you remove it from the bag.

3-button remote control with microphone capable of talking, volume adjustment, and song operation

The cable is equipped with a 3-button remote control with a microphone, so you can talk, adjust the volume, manipulate the song (play, pause, turn back, bend). Easy operation with remote control even while moving or working.

Eatip fitting comfortably

A soft fitting silicone ear tip, S / M / L plus XS comes with 4 sizes. By firmly isolating external noise, you can enjoy clear sound even at low volume.