Beyerdynamic DT240 PRO

Professional quality at an entry-level price

  • 2.990.000 ₫
  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Ideal for musicians, podcasters and filmmakers: beyerdynamic presents the DT 240 PRO compact monitor headphones

Heilbronn, September 2017: Music is not only created in a studio. Videos are now often cut on a notebook, and podcasters report via smartphone from anywhere in the world. The DT 240 PRO monitor headphones from beyerdynamic fit perfectly into this mobile workflow.

Creative minds can work anywhere with these headphones – start a project in one place and continue working on it somewhere else. At the mixing desk, behind the camera or on the train, the DT 240 PRO ensures seamless audio control without compromising on quality.

And best of all: its attractive price tag of 99 euros also makes it affordable for producers with a smaller budget.

Works on all devices
Thanks to low-ohm acoustic transducers (34 ohm), the DT 240 PRO requires little amplifier power. It works just the same on studio mixers as on the laptop or smartphone, delivering ample output levels in all cases, which means there's no need to switch headphones during production. This has a positive impact on the sound, since the same monitor that is used at the workplace or with the customer can also be used as a reference when on the move.

Compact, robust design
Specially shaped ear cups make the DT 240 PRO very easy to handle. beyerdynamic describes this mixture of on-ear and over-ear design as "compact over ear", where both ears are firmly enclosed, but the monitor can still be transported in a notebook or camera bag. Robust materials backed by professional technology, a detachable coiled cable and replaceable ear pads make for an extended life of the headphones – effortlessly, even over years of continuous use.

Rich sound and high wearing comfort
Like all beyerdynamic headphones, the new model benefits from the company's wealth of experience stretching over almost a hundred years. Professional tools like the DT 770 PRO are used in studios all around the world and enjoy cult status among sound engineers. The DT 240 PRO reflects this tradition. Its sound is characterised by a clean, deep bass, lively mids and clearly defined highs. Creative sound smiths will find it difficult to find its equal in the price category up to 100 euros.

Excellent sound insulation ensures that the same high performance levels are also achieved in loud environments, for example, at trade fairs or live concerts. This way, the cameraman and sound engineer can concentrate fully on their own task. Deep contact pressure and tightly fitted ear pads keep environmental noises out. At the same time, the wearer scarcely notices the headphones are there, that's how ergonomically the audio specialist from Heilbronn has designed the DT 240 PRO.

The fact that the newcomer to the beyerdynamic range looks cool on top of it all certainly pleases digital nomads in particular. With their matt black finish, the headphones look as good on professional SLR cameras or portable recorders as they do on private audio players or smartphones.

In other words, a model like the DT 240 PRO is what musicians, podcasters, YouTubers and semi-professional filmmakers have wanted for a long time. Now the wait is finally over. From October, the creative headphones will be available from authorised specialist stores and online at

Technical data

Transducer type Dynamic
Operating principle Closed
Frequency response 5 - 35,000 Hz
Nominal impedance 34 Ω
Nominal SPL 99 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Max. SPL 119 dB SPL (200 mW / 500 Hz)
T.H.D. < 0.05% (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Nominal power handling capacity 100 mW
Sound coupling to the ear Circumaural
Nominal headband pressure approx. 5.2 N
Weight (without cable) 196 g
Length and type of cable 1.25 m / coiled cable stretched 3 m, detachable, single-sided
Connection Gold-plated mini stereo jack 3.5 mm & adapter (6.35 mm)