Sony WH-1000XM2

Công nghệ chống ồn chủ động giúp trải nghiệm âm nhạc tinh tế hơn
Chống ồn chủ động với Personal Noise Cancelling Optimizing và Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing
Trang bị chuẩn kết nối không dây BLUETOOTH® và NFC
Chức năng Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control tự động điều chỉnh âm thanh môi trường phù hợp với mỗi hoạt động của người dùng
Chất lượng âm thanh tuyệt hảo với công nghệ DSEE HX™, S-Master HX ™ và LDAC
  • 8.990.000 ₫
  • Bảo hành: 12 Tháng

EXTRA BASS™ adds power to every bass line

Push the EXTRA BASS button to add some serious low-end power to your music2. It works by reinforcing bass lines to create deep, punchy bass. Simply press the button to activate the mode, and be blown away by resounding bass.

Hands-free calling with a double tap

Conversation flows freely with easy, hands-free calling. Leave your phone where it is, just speak with a double tap.


Find your perfect sound tone for every song from the presets, easily customizable to your preference with Sony | Headphones Connect APP. Available from October 2017.

Sound Position Control

Choose the direction you want the sound to come from, just as you can with a wireless speaker.

Virtual surround sound

Feel immersed in sound wherever you are. Experience audio optimized for different listening environments including outdoor stages, clubs, halls and arenas.

Noise cancellation personalized

Personal Optimizing analyses personal characteristics like head size, glasses and hair, then optimizes sound to you.

Airplane adapter plug

Be travel-ready. Plug the cable jack into the airplane adapter plug for easy in-flight listening.

Noise cancelling made to fly

Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing delivers optimal sound at high altitude, so you can enjoy noise cancelling at its best when you fly.

Hear what's important with Ambient Sound control

Adjust Ambient Sound with the Sony | Headphones Connect APP to hear essential sounds when you're listening on the move.

Wireless streaming at its best

LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional BLUETOOTH® wireless Audio, which allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality close to High-Resolution Audio.

Tailor sound to you

SENSE ENGINE™ gives you the power to tune in and out of your music at a touch.

Wired High-Resolution Audio listening

Use the supplied cable for uninterrupted truly High-Resolution Audio and noise cancelling for up to 13 hours.

Sony I Headphones Connect for iOS

Download the iOS APP to use Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control, control your ambient sound settings, and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.

Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts to whatever you do

Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control automatically detects your activity such as traveling, walking, and waiting, then adjusts ambient sound settings to you. You can customize them to your preferences with the Sony I Headphones Connect APP.

Talk at a touch with Quick Attention

Talk at a touch with Quick Attention Communicate without taking your headphones off. Place your hand over the housing to turn the volume down for instant conversation

Control at your fingertip

Change the track, turn the volume up or down and take or make calls by tapping or swiping the panel with your fingertip.

Wireless freedom with no noise

Stream your music and listen free from wires and noise.

Truly authentic sound

Hear music that stays true to the original recording with High-Resolution Audio. Optimized for High-Resolution Audio, S-Master HX™ reduces distortion and allows you to enjoy all the subtleties in your music. These headphones also include a powerful 1.57" driver with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm for handling heavy beats and can reproduce a full range of frequencies up to 40 kHz.

Restore all your compressed files

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HXTM) upscales compressed digital music files, bringing them closer to the quality of High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the high-range sound lost in compression, DSEE HXTM produces your digital music files in rich, clear sound.

Hear what you want, the way you want

No hassle, no difficult settings, just industry-leading noise cancellation tailored for you and your life.

All day power and quick charging

Keep the music playing with long battery life and quick charging, giving 70 minutes of play after just 10 minutes of charge.

Sony I Headphones Connect for Android

Download the Android APP to use Smart Listening by Adaptive Sound Control, control your ambient sound settings, and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.